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wordwang's Journal

Wordwang - Mitchell and Webb gone odd(er)
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admiral donitz, angel summoner, anxious nazis, barry mitchell, bbc, big talk, biscuit telekinesis, bmx bandit, channel 4, chip and pin, chloroform, david mitchell, dreamy pastures insurance, fish and chip, hammers, hole in the ring, lady in red (snooker_words), lazy writers, massive yachts, mitchell, mitchell and webb, mitchell and webb look, mitchell and webb sound, not small talk, numberwang, olivia coleman, peep show, pin and cushion, radio, radio 4, robert webb, sir digby chicken caesar, sir digby chicken-caesar, stone age detectives, stone age murder, surprising adventures of, ted & peter, the banana dance, the british broadcasting network, the green clarinet, the smoking room, the two faces of, tongue brushing, tv, utapu, webb, wordwang